Why We Are Happy Our Web Design Company Is Located In Winnipeg

Posted On: January 08, 2015


It’s no secret that Winnipeg winters are some of the coldest and seem longest in Canada. Regardless of the brutal onslaught of weather Winnipeg can provide, I still have to say that there is no place else I would rather be. There’s a lot to be thankful for here in Winnipeg whether you are working at a web design company of not. This article contains humour so please take it with a grain of salt.

Laptop Computers Keep You Warm

In the winter working late on my laptop is one of my favourite things to do. Having a cup of tea, putting my feet up by the fire and having a hot laptop on your lap is a decent way to stay warm during cold winter evenings.

No Temptations To Go Outside

During the months of January to February and sometimes all the way into April, going outside seems like a bit of a chore. The positive? Well increased work flow of course! I have to say that these months tend to be the most productive for me over the course of the year and I can work well into the night. Happy and indoors.

Coffee In the Morning Never Tasted So Good

Having a warm beverage in your hands during a Winnipeg winter is a must. I will often volunteer to go on coffee runs, putting a cup in each hand and enjoying the heat as I race through the Exchange to bring them back still warm. One may argue that it would be just as easy to stay inside but where’s the fun in that?

With all joking aside, yes Winnipeg winter’s are brutal and sometimes unbearable without a hot get away but look on the bright side, it’s a great time to be productive and spend time with those people who are most important to you.