Eco Web Design in Winnipeg

Posted On: August 09, 2011


We design and develop eco-friendly websites here in Winnipeg Manitoba. We thought we would give some more information about what goes into environmentally friendly web design and development, as well as what we do around then office to keep it as eco-friendly as possible. We hope you take facts and information away from this article and apply and if possible apply some green standards to your office or home.


Use Web Standards

By using proper web standards in every website we build for our clients, we reduce load time which lightens the strain put on servers, which in turn uses less energy. It also will help your SEO on your website.


Use Darker Colours

Many of the websites we design have darker backgrounds. Since CRT monitors use less power to display darker colours, even this can save a little bit of energy. 


Dark Version Of Google Search

We use Blackle as our Google search Engine page. Every time you load this page, you save a tiny bit of energy. So far 2,627,766.428 Watt hours have been saved. According to, if the popular search engine Google switched its background color from a sheer white to black it would save on average 750 mega-watts of energy per year.  


Eco-Friendly Hosting

We prefer to use environmentally-friendly hosting companies that work with green energy.


Paperless Office

At our graphic design studio we to use as little paper as possible. We  print less on paper, reducing the consumption of electricity and chemicals. When we do use paper, we make sure that is 100% recycled. 


Public transportation or Car Pooling

We car pool, bus or walk to work everyday. Not only is this better for the environment but it also helps to reduce our parking expenses. 


Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Believe it or not, our office doesn’t even have a garbage can! We use wash cloths for cleaning instead of paper towels and avoid food with packaging by making fresh meals that are made with local produce. We also use reusable containers to transport our meals from home to work.


Turn The Lights Off

We turn off the lights in our office every time we leave the room; even if it’s just to run out and grab a cup of coffee. Sometimes, during the day when it is bright enough, we keep the lights off and rely on natural sunlight from our windows. During the evenings we often turn off the overhead lights and use task lighting at our desks instead.


Fresh Air

Plants really add some life to the office. Having plants produces fresh oxygen and adds a lovely ambiance as well as a feeling of relaxation to our office. We just have to remember to water them!