What Are No Follow Links In SEO & When Should You Use Them?

Posted On: November 19, 2013


What Are No Follow Links?

In SEO (search engine optimization) no follow links basically send a message to search engines telling them to not crawl a link. Only users reading your website can use the link to view that web page’s content. The reason no follow links exist is to prevent being penalized by search engines for linking to websites that may not have a good reputation.


When to Use No Follow Links

You should use no follow links when you want to link to an external website without giving them a temporary SEO boost. Some of these situations include if you are writing a sponsored blog post on your website, using a paid text link, or if the other website is untrustworthy and has a lot of spam.


When Not to Use No Follow Links?

You don’t need to use no follow links when you link to your own content. In other words this means linking to other pages on your own website. You can also forgo using them when you link to trustworthy and legitimate websites.​