Information You Should Know Before Meeting With a Web Design Company

Posted On: January 03, 2014


Thinking about creating or updating an existing website may seem a bit challenging. The following are some basic guidelines and information that you should collect before meeting with a web design company to make your life easier.


How Many Pages Will Be On Your Website & Type Of Content Will They Contain?

The number of pages on your website and the content they will contain is information that is useful to collect before proceeding with a new website. The usual home, about, and contact pages are the essentials but if you have other ideas you can write them down and then discuss them during the meeting with your web team.


Why Are You Redoing Your Website or Having a New One Created?

This important question may sometimes be overlooked but it’s importance is geared towards ensuring satisfaction and the best success with your new website. If you are currently redoing your website due to poor user retention or a high bounce rate it will be important to analyse why users may be leaving in abundance and ensure this no longer happens with your new website.


What is the Objective Of the Website?

The answer to this question will affect how your custom website will be created. If your main goal is for users to read lengthy information, having a user friendly reading experience is a must. Users must be able to easily search through content to find the information they are looking for. Each objective must be given a solution so you can craft a custom web experience for your users.


Who Is Your Competition?

Knowing your competition is key to knowing how to set yourself apart and improve your website. Seeing what others in your industry are doing will give you a clear vision of some of their online tactics and what users may expect to see. The idea is to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and improve upon what users have come to expect.​