How Often Should You Rebrand?

Posted On: November 19, 2014

Like anything in life, brands evolve with the times as their target audience changes or they have grown to offer new services or find a niche. When first starting a company it can be difficult to know exactly who your future customers will be. You learn as you go along so your brand must evolve to meet your customer’s expectations.


When you have been around for a long time, when is it time for a full re-brand of your company?

A full re-brand includes a new look, new logo, print material, website and anything else that conveys your brand’s message to the world. There is no set answer to this question. Each company and organization is different and has different future goals. There is no magic formula that says you must re-brand every 5.5 number of years. Change is inevitable. You will know when it is time to change your company’s brand when some of the following occur. I suggest at this time performing an in-depth brand audit covering numerous factors that may influence which direct to take your new brand.


Rebrand When You Wish To Reach A New Audience

Your current brand may not be attracting the customers or clients you want. Perhaps it looks outdated when you are striving to produce cutting edge products and services. Maybe you wish to attract a younger demographic and you’re only attracting people in their senior years. This would be a good time to do an overhaul and gauge what these new potential customers are looking for.


Rebrand When Your Brand’s Values Have Changed

If your brand values and overall philosophy have changed leading you to take a different direction with your company, your brand should reflect these values. Always ensure that your brand conveys what you’re about and who your customers are.


Rebrand When Your Brand Is Outdated

Finally, if it’s been decades since you have updated your brand’s identity it may be time to perform a brand audit to determine what changes can modernize your look. These changes can be minor or fairly major. It is advisable to listen to the information and facts that will be collected in the audit to make an informed decision about you company’s future.​