Advantages Of Online Advertising vs Traditional Advertising

Posted On: January 21, 2015

Traditional forms of advertisement such as print, TV and radio are not all they are cracked up to be for small to medium size businesses in terms of getting a solid return on investment. Customer attention spans are getting shorter and they have learned to tune out the commercials and advertising noise that they are bombarded with on a daily basis. In the following article we will explore some of the benefits of online advertising and digital marketing that can have a direct and positive impact on your businesses.

Advertise to Those Looking For Your Service

When you are running a print campaign or billboards you are advertising to everyone, not just your target market. That comes with a higher price tag as well. So why not advertise to those who are actively seeking out your products and services? That seems to make more sense and this is why on-line advertising has gained so much popularity in recent years. You can target users in your local area that are searching for your services or products. This is more cost effective since you are now targeting those who actually want your service and not just the general public.


Online Advertising Can Be More Cost Effective

With online advertising you can set a budget per month or per click depending on the method you use. For example if you choose to use Google Adwords you can limit the amount you bid for each click to your website and how much you would like to spend per day. That can be a much better return than spending 2 dollars per flyer and scattering them around a building or neighbourhood.


Analyse Data & Track Your Results

Print advertising and campaigns can be very difficult to track. Online advertising on the other hand allows you to see the conversion and clicks on your online ad, often in real time. This is great news for companies with websites who want to ensure that their dollars are being well spent and yielding a return. You can see the number of impressions your ad receives and focus on ways to better reach your customers. These stats can also help you see which search engines and other websites that your customers are visiting to find you.


More Engaging With Potential Customers

When running an online advertising campaign you can encourage the response you want, whether it is for customers to fill out a quote form or to like or share your web page on social platforms. You can run a variety of marketing campaigns prompting users to take action. You can also receive feedback from users on social platforms or through comments on your website.​


Final Thoughts

Print, radio and commercials are still relevant for brands that focusing on building a brand identity and recognition with their customers. Those who have smaller businesses with a tight advertising budget need to be more strategic with their hard earned dollar. This is why starting with online advertising can be a great long term strategy for smaller businesses.​