Verda Design is Guest Speaking At the U of M About Mobile Web

Posted On: November 28, 2011


On Tuesday, November 29th Jordan Bergeron and Madison Zyluk of Verda Design will be speaking to the University of Manitoba Technical Communications in Computer Science class about mobile web design and development. They will be sharing tips and tricks, their web design process and what makes for a great UX. They will also be speaking about their case studies and showing examples of their work.


“We hope to leave the students with information that they can later on apply to their projects, as well as demonstrate the benefits of project planning for a website. We will be showing them examples of various websites from brochure to e-commerce websites and the process we use for UX , responsive website design and advanced development techniques. ”

 -Jordan Bergeron, Head Web Developer of Verda Design


“The students we will be speaking to come from a Computer Science background; therefore I will be giving them a brief over view of how to find their target audience and what factors dictate major design decisions. I hope to get them thinking about design from a critical marketing and branding perspective.” 

-Madison Zyluk, Creative Director of Verda Design


Verda Design is extremely thankful for the invite from professor Christina Penner of the University of Manitoba for the invite!