3 Simple Ways To Make Your Website's Content Stand Out

Posted On: May 29, 2019

Your website may be blending in with all the other competitors and keeping you from standing apart because of some common content mistakes. While use of text (copy) in your web site is important, adding the use of graphics and images can create more visual interest plus convey ideas and messages instantly. Here is advice from the experts on how to dodge these pitfalls and create a more stylish professional website using three simple but effective ways:

Custom High Quality Photos For Your Website

Most websites include an “About Us” page to let readers know about service providers/staff and where the enterprise is located. This is a great opportunity to include photographs of key staff members, management and/or owners. Use of staff photos creates a connection for the reader before they choose to engage with your organization. Similarly, include a photograph of your location, both building exterior and interior workplace, to create a relatable and positive impression with potential customers. Your website’s “Products and Services” page is also an excellent place to include images of your products and services for marketing purposes.

Tip: When including photographs for your website make sure to hire a professional photographer. Amateur photographs can lead potential customers to think your enterprise may also not be professional, so avoid this pitfall and be sure to go for custom high quality images.

Custom Illustrations and Graphics on Your Website

To set your website apart from competitors, incorporate customized graphics and icons. Graphic designers or illustrators will develop specialized custom graphics and illustrations oriented to your needs. Use of customized icons to depict the “services” you offer are a clever and creative way to make your website experience stand out. Verda Design has designer and illustrator services that can give this “wow” factor for your website and create a lasting impression of your business. Again, you want to be sure to use professionals so that the proper “look and feel” of your business is reflected in the overall design of your website.

Websites With Video Make an Impression

Use of video in your website creates added visual interest through graphics and movement. Your website can incorporate video for a background in your website banner area and is a great way to add depth and complexity to the website. Also adding a video that discusses your products and services is a great way to inform your audience on what makes you different. Hire a videographer for the video elements as we know that well-made video captures attention unlike anything else.

In Summary

These are a few key proven ways that can take your website from “ho hum” to amazing. Use of professional photographers, designers/illustrators and videographers is well worth it when it comes to promoting your business. When planning for your web site or refreshing your current one, make sure to

include professional graphical content in your website to visitors coming back.