Latest Responsive Website For a New Winnipeg Organization

Posted On: April 02, 2014


About Can Do People

Can Do People is a new organization dedicated to helping those with Autism and other individuals diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. They have several programs and services which were conceived to meet the unique needs of these individuals. This has been a very special project to us as we were touched by the dedication of the women who founded this organization. After meeting with them and hearing their stories about their children and how they created an environment that was fun and educational we wanted to make sure we created an equally amazing product that show cases the organization and it’s clients and founders.

Brand Identity & Concept

The brand was created to depict the aspect of every day life for people with Autism and the challenges they overcome. We used 4 symbols that embodied these challenges. The paint brush for creativity, the fork for eating, cooking and food preparation, the pencil for math, learning and education and the wrench to symbolize construction and building a future. The colors and pattern usage were chosen because the client had replayed that symbols and certain patterns were  used to teach people with Autism therefore we found it important to incorporate that. The color pallet is extremely bright and cheerful yet used sparingly in the design of the website and brand materials to really make certain elements pop. 

Responsive Web Design In Winnipeg

The web design we created is responsive meaning it works on mobile devices such as ipads, iphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The website features a section at the bottom where users can share their favorite quotes on Twitter and Facebook.  This neat feature will also promote and draw attention to their website. The website also has some custom animations when it loads in and when you scroll down the page to the programs section.



Donate To Can Do People

If you would like to help you can make a donation either by cash or by purchasing one or several of the items they still require. You can learn more about donating to Can Do People by going to the donations page on their new website.