Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg

Posted On: October 15, 2011


We offer responsive website design in Winnipeg! You may be wondering what responsive web design is and how can it benefit your business. Here is an example of a local Winnipeg web design we have done which shows a responsive web design layout.

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What is Responsive Website Design?

To fully understand what a responsive website design is, we must first talk about the other 2 common methods used. 


The most common is a fixed width layout. Fixed width layouts are set to a specific width to fit the most common monitor size. Any screen that is much smaller or bigger than the chosen width will not show the website properly.


The next most common is the fluid layout. These are better than fixed layouts for cross platform compatibility because the use percentages instead of fixed widths. These layouts still have some issues which adaptive layouts solve.


In order to solve the problems of these 2 layouts, it has been common practice to create a second website that is dedicated for mobile devices. This is far from ideal because you need to know what the current devices on the market are, and you have 2 websites to maintain rather than one. The adaptive layout aims to solve those issues. Adaptive layouts use screen size detection to deliver the best possible experience no matter what device it is being viewed on. If the screen is small, certain elements can be removed to make more room for the more important ones. Elements can be grown or shrunk to make them easier to see or select with a touchscreen device. Adaptive layouts are device independent meaning they will look great for much longer that standard web layouts.


How can Responsive Web Design Save you Money?

With the amount of mobile and web devices coming out every year responsive website a great way to ensure that your website will look great on any of these devices. Instead on creating a separate website for every type of mobile device that comes out, responsive web design allows you to account for any screen resolution and format and ensure your website looks great. Doing it right the first time will save you money because you do not need to pay to have your website designed and developed every time a new device emerges on the market.


How Does Responsive Website Design Work?

Responsive web design is a design process were the web designer and web developer work closely together to determine layout, format, and simplify elements at different resolutions. Responsive website design works on what is referred to as a flexible grid where the elements on a page are resized and layout is altered depend on the page layout and screen size.