How Does Your Website Look On Mobile

Posted On: September 27, 2012


Why Get a Mobile Website?

Mobile websites and responsive websites are becoming increasingly more popular. It is estimated that 1.1 billion people world wide will have a smart phone by 2013. So what does this mean for your website and your business? How will this new technology impact sales and customer satisfaction? While for starters customers have begun to expect it. The Internet is changing. Here are some statistics which may put it in perceptive for you. Did you know that 50% of smart phone users have made a purchase with their smart phone, 80% use their smart phone to search for businesses near by and 70% use their phone to compare prices while in stores. 

How Does Your Website Look On Mobile?

If you have a Flash website the chances are probably not great that it shows up at all. If your website isn’t responsive or mobile you may be in for a not so great surprise. GOMOMETER will emulate how your website will look on most smart phone devices. Check it out, this is what your potential customers may be seeing. Some of the results can be shocking. The next step is then resolving this problem. At Verda we specialize in current responsive website techniques that will have your customers not only being able to view your website with ease but we will create a cutting edge design that will differentiate your businesses from others in the market. Call us today at (204) 421-9448. You will be happy you did.