Twitter Tips For Success!

Posted On: August 08, 2011


This article is a brief intro to some good habits to form for twitter beginners.  By following some of the suggestions on this list you can get on the right track to communicating and engaging with your Twitter followers. 


Post Pictures

People Love pictures and it’s a fact and are very likely to click on them as well. Applications such as Twitpic allow you to upload a picture and allows others to comment and Retweet it. It also tells you the number of people that have viewed your picture. 


Create Lists on Twitter

By creating lists on Twitter it shows that you are involved and have enough knowledge about the application that you know how to use it’s provided tools. Twitter lists help to organize your feed. I often get asked from novice Twitter users why I bother reading my feed with so many followers. Simply put; Twitter list. Start listing early it’s a good habit to get into to manage your followers.


Have an Updated Dashing Picture, Website Link & Full Bio

Fill out all the Twitter information, this gives people a better idea of what your about and what your interests are. These are important factors when people decide on if they will follow you. There are some great catchy bios out there too. I’ve come across some hilarious ones but they don’t have to be funny.


Be Positive or Find Your Niche

Many people always suggest being positive, which is great advice if you are running a twitter account for a business. But no one is ever positive all the time and a few tweeters have found a niche by taking the opposite route. A prime examples are @Angry_PaulRand. We like to live vicariously through them at times. It’s completing your choice with want you want to convey to the public, but keep in mind this will  be reflected in your everyday life and the impression people have you and what you are trying to achieve with twitter. 


Be Helpful & Engage

If you see someone on your feed asking a question and you know the answer, go ahead and help them out. This is also a great way of beginning a conversation and showing your followers that you want to engage with them.


Be Someone Who RT’s

Reetweets are when you share someone else’s tweet on Twitter. Spare the karma, if you are a good Retweeter other will likely do the same back for you.


Be Interesting

I find people that are talkative and love to communicate by their very nature are best at this. They understand the fun in sharing funny thoughts and words of wisdom. Have something to say and don’t be afraid to say it. 


Use Hashtags

You can think of has tags as if they were important keys words. When you click on a #hashtag it will bring you to the Twitter search page and you can view all the people that are searching the same things. You typically want less than three #hastags in a tweet. 


Be Consistent

If your going to get into social media one of the keys is to remain consistent and keep people coming back for more. I try to tweet relevant content that my audience is interested in at least a couple of times a day. Form this habit early, it’s fun and simple to do when you get into it.